#WhiteBoardMonday is a weekly video segment that discusses different digital marketing techniques that companies can implement in their businesses.

Episode 1:
Defining digital marketing and it's 8 pillars.

In this episode, we look at the 8 types of digital marketing. We define them and identify ways we can use these digital marketing pillars to grow our businesses and brands.

What digital marketing type(s) do you find helpful for your business? Let me know in the comment section of this video.

Episode 2:
Is Digital Marketing Hard or Worth The Stress?

When you get into the digital marketing space, you realize that it is not as easy as a large percentage of people think. However, with the right steps, we can make digital marketing easier and worthwhile.

In episode 2 of Whiteboard Monday, we discuss 3 things that make digital marketing seem hard and 3 things we can do to make it easier.