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A Digital Marketing Podcast by Ian Kuria

Episode 1: How Rand Fishkin utilized SEO and website design best practices to grow Moz and Sparktoro

Join me, Ian Kuria, as I discuss with Rand Fishkin, co-founder of Moz and Sparktoro, how he utilized what he is good at, SEO, to position his companies above competitors.

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About the podcast

This is the best and most up to date website design and marketing podcast in Kenya. In this podcast, we dive into the world of how businesses can leverage technology through implementing unique digital marketing strategies, SEO, and unique website design being some of these strategies. 

This podcast is ‘techy’ but anyone in business should tune in every week to explore the opportunities in this ubiquitous digital world. We will share a handful of tips such as SEO and website design best practices, that you can use for your site or that of your clients. And if you need an agency to help you with this, Jeder is here to make your life easier. Hosted by the SEO guru in Kenya, Ian Kuria, this podcast is made for curious minds, and I think that’s why you are here.

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