Digital Strategy E-book To Improve Engagement & Conversion for your business

These strategies can be used for almost any type of business to improve online visibility. We have used the same strategies to increase traffic, engagement and conversion for our clients.

topics Covered

Digital Strategy

Develop a long-term strategy to guide your businesses digital efforts.

Website Design

We will discuss importance of an optimized website to increase conversions.


We'll look at the three main classifications or techniques of search engine optimziation.

Social Media & Email Marketing

A look into the best practices of some of the most popular social media platforms and why emails has the highest ROI.

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Author spotlight

This Ebook outlines ways in which you can use a working digital strategy, a unique and highly converting website, search engine optimization, the right social media platforms and employing email marketing to generate relevant traffic and more revenue.

Ian Kuria Maina

Readers say

Anthony Mwangi, MD Sunland Insurance Brokers

Reading this short but great digital strategy blueprint was an eye-opener. Understanding the importance of a digital strategy and the techniques discussed was very helpful.

Anthony Mwangi

This ebook is quite insightful even for the not so tech-savvy people. I was able to understand every point and strategy mentioned.

Liydiya Girum

Liydiya Girum - Development Director at GCEC Kenya