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A Digital Marketing Podcast by Ian Kuria

Episode 1: Talking to Melanie Hapisu on her journey as a digital marketer in Kenya and her experience in this industry.

In our first episode, Melanie Hapisu, a Kenyan digital marketer talks to us about DigiPath Africa, a company she founded and is the CEO of. She also talks about Google Ads and why you should always have them running to increase awareness and conversions. We also talk about the digital marketing landscape in Kenya.

Episode 2: A conversation with Jack Owigar, Director of Sales & Marketing at Pulse Kenya

Jack Owigar’s influence was one of the reasons I got into the space of digital marketing. He has over 10 years of experience in digital and still counting. In this episode, we discuss how big companies market themselves vs how small ones do. We also discuss whether it is still important to have a website in this day and age. We touch on what Pulse Live Kenya does and so much more.

Episode 3: Developing a working digital strategy for 2022.

In this episode of the digital marketing podcast, we look at how to develop a simple digital strategy for your business in 2022. The pandemic opened the eyes of most skeptics of the use of digital marketing as we saw a great percentage of businesses adopting social media among other digital marketing practices.

Episode 4: Our first international guest, Rand Fishkin, tells us his story of how he started MOZ and later Sparktoro, an audience research tool

Rand Fishkin, CEO of Sparktoro joins me to discuss how he started Moz, an SEO tool with his mum, how he managed to work without getting a salary, and his life after Moz.

Episode going live on the 22nd of March 2022

Episode 3: I had a chat with Helina Mbuthia, an entrepreneur using digital marketing to scale her business

In our second episode, Melanie Hapisu, a Kenyan digital marketer narrates to us how she got into the digital marketing space, her experience, and what she thinks of the future of digital marketing.

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About the podcast

This is the best and most up to date website design and marketing podcast in Kenya. In this podcast, we dive into the world of how businesses can leverage technology through implementing unique digital marketing strategies, SEO, and unique website design being some of these strategies. 

This podcast is ‘techy’ but anyone in business should tune in every week to explore the opportunities in this ubiquitous digital world. We will share a handful of tips such as SEO and website design best practices, that you can use for your site or that of your clients. And if you need an agency to help you with this, Jeder is here to make your life easier. Hosted by the SEO guru in Kenya, Ian Kuria, this podcast is made for curious minds, and I think that’s why you are here.

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