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Become a professional social media marketing manager

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Social Media Marketing Course

In this upcoming course, learn how to leverage social media platforms and tools to develop digital skills that will advance your business and career.

Some of the topics covered will include:

The first step of any endeavor is to create a plan and strategy to execute the plan. That’s exactly how we will kick-start this course. You will learn how to develop a strategy that works for you. A strategy can be a one page document outlining your objectives, your key performance indicators and the different tactics to achieve the said objectives.

Facebook is arguably the biggest social media platform. This means that the opportunity for you to showcase your product, service and brand is high. With that said, you have to find a way to cut through the noise to reach your intended audience.

You will learn how to create a Facebook business account that you will use to promote you business. You will also learn how to advertise using the Facebook Ad platform.

You’ll also get the strategies that will help you increase engagement for your business page.

LinkedIn is the best platform for building a professional personal brand. You will learn how to develop a professional brand that will help you build a community of advocates.

You will also learn key strategies to ensure your posts are visible and get engagement. 

Twitter, more like Facebook, has a wide array of users. Twitter is best used to educate audiences through quick tips and strategies. 

You will learn how to turn content about your business into threads that you can share on Twitter.

You will also learn how to advertise using their inbuilt ad platform as well as how to measure traffic.

Instagram is popularly used for visual content. Just like Twitter, you will learn how to turn your content to visual format that can be shared on this platform.

You will also learn how to promote your posts on Instagram through the Facebook Ad platform.

YouTube is a platform for video content. A recent statistic showed that by 2022, video will be the content format with the most engagement. Having quality videos on YouTube increases the awareness of your business and leads more people to your website or other social media platforms.